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Ioonah Woods

Tel: 07719 576652
Website: www.mifengacupuncturesussex.co.uk
Email: [email protected]

Acupuncture - Ioonah Woods. Ioonah W


Ioonah Woods is a fully qualified acupuncturist (Classical Chinese Acupuncture) and a full member of the British Acupuncture Council (BAcC). She studied Acupuncture at ICOM (International College of Oriental Medicine) where she completed a BSc(Hons) in Integrated Western Medicine and Classical Chinese Acupuncture. Treatment includes an inquiry into your health as a whole, as symptoms of other issues give an indication of an overall health picture, which is then addressed in the treatment.

Before becoming an acupuncturist Ioonah practiced massage, having completed an aromatherapy and massage short course in the 1990’s. She also has a level 3 diploma in Massage which she completed during her Acupuncture training. After having children she was taught baby massage by Galit Hughes and has been massaging children to help alleviate childhood issues for many years.

Living a nature based lifestyle with her family on an organic and biodynamic farm in Sussex, Ioonah integrates her beliefs and lifestyle. Her life as a bee keeper, mother, carer and teacher has given her a wide experience with people from many walks of life. As a mature woman with rich life experience she has become a good listener and can support people through the different seasons of their life: growth, fertility, maturity and loss of loved ones. Ioonah has developed deep, compassionate communication skills and clients have said that they feel she creates a space that goes beyond treating health problems.

Ioonah says: “People tend to engage with me and talk about their problems and issues - this and my own well-being motivated me on my path as a therapist. The foundation of health is the linking of mind, body and soul integrated. Health is regained when we can find our connection to ourselves and to the healing process. It is my belief and experience that health is recovered by reconnecting to the natural flow of balance within our own nature. Small steps can be taken on a path which will help you to regain your health”.

1 hour Acupuncture - £50
1 ½ hour Acupuncture with Massage - £80
1 ½ hour Facial Acupuncture with Facial Massage - £80

Acupuncture - Ioonah Woods. Shoulder Massage


Ioonah is both a massage therapist and an acupuncturist. She has a BSc Hons in integrated Western Medicine and Classical Chinese Acupuncture and a level 3 diploma in Massage . She uses her knowledge of the meridian system and acupressure points to assist in her massage therapy.

After having children she was also taught baby massage by Galit Hughes and has been massaging children to help alleviate childhood issues for many years. She finds that baby massage is a good way to relax and calm distressed babies.

Before a massage session she will discuss your health and any concerns you have and will concentrate on any areas that you feel need attention.

A whole body massage takes a minimum of an hour. If required the session can be concentrated on the upper body for the time booked.

1 hour Massage - £50
1 ½ hour Massage - £75

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