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Belinda Knox-Spinks

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Decluttering & Wellness Cpach - Belinda Knox-Spinks. Belinda Knox-Spinks

Wellness Coaching and Decluttering

  • Would you like to have more space in your home?
  • Have you ever found you are unable to think because of all the things on your desk? More and more stuff piles up and stops you getting on with the projects in hand?
  • Or perhaps the spare room is your challenge - and if it was to be renamed it could double up as a dumping ground?
  • Or is it the garage? Is it still used to put the car in or do belongings just get sent to the garage to get them out of the house?

    Some people even think they have to move to create another environment - actually it is a lot cheaper and more satisfying to make the one you are in now work more effectively for you. I have found that all the challenges that I have highlighted above, whilst understandable, can be frustrating and overwhelming so therefore nothing ever gets done.

    Well, help is at hand. They can get sorted very simply using a few key methods to declutter. It may not necessarily be done overnight but once the sort-out is achieved, you will only have to tweak it to get it back again.

    I have worked with a wide variety of people with many different challenges. It is not that having a lot of stuff all over the place makes you a bad person - what it says about you is that you haven't been able to allocate time to enjoy your belongings.

    As well as having been an organiser and event manager for over ten years, I am also a trained NLP Health Practitioner, Master Practitioner, Hypnotherapist and Life Coach specialising in wellness . Together we can move mountains of material - literally! Let me come and see you and we can chat through how we can create more space in your home and find hidden treasure in the process.

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