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The Menopause & Women's Health Clinic. Menopause Women

The Menopause & Women's Health Clinic

Tillow Barn Health is proud to host The Menopause & Women's Health Clinic here at Tillow Barn. Please visit their website for information about their clinic, including their contact details:


All enquiries about the clinic should be made by email direct to the Menopause & Women's Health Clinic. Telephone enquiries are not possible.

The Menopause & Women's Health Clinic. Menopause appts


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Consultation Fees

Please note:
New patients

If you have had blood tests elsewhere but not been seen at Tillow Barn before, please forward copies of any correspondence/blood results by email.

Follow up appointments
These are available for patients who have seen one of our menopause doctors within the past year. Otherwise, please book an initial consultation. Please forward any blood results before your appointment by email.

Dr Peers' diary is booked ahead for several months. Consultations are available sooner with the clinic's other doctors, all of whom are fully trained to treat menopause and histamine intolerance symptoms.


Contact our doctors

For more information please visit:


Information about Histamine Intolerance

Covid-19 information

Whilst we enjoy and value being able to consult with our patients in person, during the current COVID-19 pandemic we are continuing to provide consultations by video and telephone. This has been proving very popular and successful and enables us to continue to provide advice and care to our patients.

We don't yet have a date when we can start seeing people face-to-face. Please book online in the usual way - we will contact you by phone or video link at your appointment time.

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What to Expect at your Menopause Appointment

Booking a Consultation:
To book an appointment, you can use our online booking system. Once you have booked, you will receive a confirmation email with some details about the clinic, along with a link to our new patient questionnaire. This will give us a clear picture of your health history and save time at your consultation, ensuring that we can spend the time we need to on discussing your treatment.

If you are on HRT already, please email a scanned copy of the results of your most recent blood tests, including your oestradiol levels, before your appointment.

If you are not on HRT and are over the age of 45yrs, there is no need for a blood test at this stage.

We do accept referrals from GPs, but a referral is not necessary as you can self-refer.

At your Consultation:
If you would like to bring your partner or a friend to the consultation please do - sometimes it’s difficult to remember everything that is discussed.

If you have a disability and require wheelchair access, please do let us know at the time of booking and we will accommodate your needs.

At the consultation we will discuss which blood tests may be helpful, and when these should be taken (also see the Q&A section on our website). If your GP is unable to organise these we can refer you to a local laboratory for the tests at a reasonable price (you pay the lab directly).

A prescription will be supplied for the agreed hormone therapy and you can either take this to your local pharmacy, or we can arrange for it to be sent to you by post with free delivery from the online pharmacy service that we use. This can be helpful as the supply of stocks are sometimes unreliable in local pharmacies.

With your permission we will send either a letter to your GP copied to you, or to you directly and copied to the GP. Please let us know which you prefer. These are usually sent within 7-10 working days of your consultation.

After your consultation:
You may be asked to schedule a follow up consultation for a few months after your first appointment. You can book this online. It's advisable to book as soon as you can, as slots can get booked up far in advance. Subsequent appointments may be necessary to help stabilise each patient on the correct dose - the treatments are tailor-made for each individual. Once established on the correct combination of hormones we advise that you are seen again if ever you develop new symptoms, or at least once a year for a review. This will include examining your hormone levels to ensure that the doses are still appropriate and correct.

Dr Peers says:
"All our patients feel relaxed when they arrive at our quiet and exclusive clinic, where we have time to listen to you and not only fully understand your symptoms and worries, but also have time to carefully explain all your options, answer all your questions and put together a treatment plan personalised for you.

We are all individuals and each woman will have a different story to tell. The hormone therapy must be individualised and tailored to your needs."

Contact details

To contact one of our doctors, please click on the links below:

Dr Tina Peers:

[email protected]

Dr Marie Gerval:
[email protected]

Dr Karen McGorry:
[email protected]

Dr Roisin McHugh:
[email protected]

Dr Radhika Vohra:
[email protected]

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Menopause & Women's Health Clinic - Fees

Initial consultation up to 45 mins (including by telephone) - £250.00

Follow-up consultation up to 30 mins (including by telephone) - £200.00
(For patients who have had an appointment in the last 12 months)

Patients who have not been seen within the last 12 months:
Please book an initial consultation in order to allow sufficient time to take a full history and to fully understand your current needs. Please note that if we have not seen you for a review for over 12 months, then unfortunately we will be unable to comment on blood results or give email advice without a 45 minute consultation.

What our fees cover
- Your consultation fee covers the time spent with you during the consultation as well as writing and sending both your prescription and a letter to your GP. It also covers up to two follow up emails for additional questions.
Other fees:
- Additional email correspondence - £40
- Private prescription (other than at a consultation) - £40
- Additional letter fee - £50
On site payments should preferably be made by debit or credit card.
Telephone consultations should be paid for by bank transfer on the day of the consultation - you will receive an invoice on the day, with the details.

Private Medical Insurance
We are not able to administer claims through private medical insurance - the fees must be paid by the patient at the time of the consultation. We will provide a receipt for all payments, which you may be able to use to claim the fees through your insurance policy if you are covered - please check with your health insurance provider.

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Don't just take our word for it....

"I just wanted to send you my most heartfelt thanks for the HRT advice and prescription from my appointment in March. I honestly feel like the clock has been turned back, with amazing improvement in all of the symptoms I was experiencing. It has been, quite literally, life-changing - thank you, thank you, thank you!

I have passed on your details to several ladies who are struggling to get help from their own GP's - I hope that they will be in touch with your clinic soon (am quite the evangelist now!)"
Eleni F

"Following months of depression, anxiety, tiredness, (including one suicidal thought!) and loss of confidence to ‘be me’, carry out my job and hold down my marriage I decided enough was enough. That’s when I discovered Tina Peers. And wow! Am I pleased that I did.

Firstly, Tina listened and really understood what I was saying. The relief of sitting opposite someone, who truly understands & empathises with what you’re going through, cannot be under estimated. When you speak to Tina her skills, knowledge and experience bring you enormous comfort and confidence that there is light at the end of the tunnel and all the symptoms you are experiencing, ARE real.

Tina also diagnosed me with histamine intolerance and after following Tina’s guidance, I feel completely detoxed. This diagnosis, together with a completely new hormone replacement regime has turned my life around. I look and feel like a completely different person to what I was 4 months ago. The lady is a miracle worker. She has given me back my life and I cannot thank her enough. Girl Power! Tina – thank you sooo much."
Antonia W.

"I just wanted to pass on my thanks to Dr McHugh for her clinical skill and kindness. It is no exaggeration to say that within 3 days of seeing her my life was transformed. I now have an HRT regimen that is allowing me to sleep for 6 to 7 hours a night for the first time in several years. I feel as if i have my personality and life back. I would not hesitate to revisit Dr McHugh if my symptoms recur or change."

"Just a quick note to thank you for the guidance, support and care you've provided to me during my journey through to the menopause and beyond. I feel very grateful to have had such a dynamic advocate for HRT, women, and their health, at my side. The joyful way you approach this time of life and the positive role model you set has always been incredibly uplifting to me. Thanks as well for the expert eye and gentle approach you take with the cosmetic aesthetic side of your practice. The results are always so natural looking and self esteem enhancing. You're a priceless asset to all women but I feel especially blessed to call you my doctor. Please continue to spread the word about how important HRT is to our good health - it's improved mine, immensely!"

"Dr Tina Peers - what a find! She is both a delight and an expert. Having experienced three different gynaecologists and multiple GPs who do not have specialist knowledge of the menopause, it was a wonderful experience to have a consultation with someone who not only understands the menopause, they have also experienced it. There is so much misinformation about HRT and it was brilliant to finally find someone who knows what they're talking about and could prescribe what was needed. Life changing, in fact! The staff at Tillow Barn were also incredibly helpful and I cannot thank them enough for their kindness and responsiveness."
Chloe O'Sullivan

“I didn’t quite realise how debilitating my menopause symptoms were but when I look back now at how my life has changed since that first consultation, I was really quite poorly. Dr Peers immediately made me feel at ease and completely understood everything I was experiencing, such as frequent hot flushes to aching ankles and a dreadful sleep pattern.

Her clear and simple explanation as to why I was experiencing these symptoms and what was actually happening to my body was empathetic and made me feel human again. I followed all the recommendations to the letter and it has been life changing, I’m back to my old self.
I would highly recommend a consultation with Dr Peers for anyone suffering with the menopause symptoms.”
Rachel K

The Menopause & Women's Health Clinic. Butterfly blue wide

Histamine Intolerance

Histamine Intolerance is a condition which is little known and, as yet, rarely spoken about. However, it is thought to affect millions - most of whom are unaware they have it. The Communality is an excellent resource which explains in detail everything you need to know about the condition and how it can be managed. Dr Tina Peers is a contributor. All of the doctors here at the Menopause & Women's Health Clinic have training in Histamine Intolerance.

Please visit the Menopause Consultancy website for more information:
Histamine Intolerance

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The Menopause & Women's Health Clinic. MWHC histamine intolerance

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