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Heather Stevens - 'Blemish Guru'

MGBT Aesthetics
Professional registration: Guild of Beauty Therapists
Website: www.blemish.guru
Email: [email protected]
Tel: 07768 770490

Heather Stevens - Epilation & Blemish Removal. Steven, Heather

About Heather

Heather spent many years working in the world of corporate system training until the day she booked in to have a small cluster of thread veins removed. That was the turning point for Heather … the result was so awesome, instant and aesthetically pleasing that she knew then and there she wanted to learn more about it and a new career was launched.

A challenging course of study through anatomy, physiology and pathology started to bring her up to the necessary standard to begin practical training in aesthetics. Fast forward a few years and diplomas and Heather is still as awed as ever by the rewarding results her procedures give and has become something of a ‘guru’ since graduating. Heather had previously studied hair epilation but undertook a refresher to bring her up to date and gain a fresh diploma.

And the ‘blemish guru’? Heather tells us: “Well, a while back a client joked that I was her blemish ‘guru’ and that name just stuck!”
Heather holds diplomas from the renowned Helen McGuinness Health & Beauty International Training School for both Advanced Cosmetic Procedures and Electrolysis Epilation. Beauty Guild International provides full insurance for all listed procedures.

Take a look at Heather’s Facebook page www.blemish.guru to see some recent photos and videos of client procedures.

Procedures & Fees

Removal of:

  • Superficial facial and leg veins (Telangiecstasia)
  • Spider veins (Spider naevi)
  • Red blood spots (Campbell de Morgan or Cherry spots)
  • Skin tags (Pedunculated papillomas)
  • White heads (Milia)

    Heather uses fresh, sterile, disposable needles for each session. The needle delivers a short burst of diathermic current to each blemish. Depending on the blemish being treated and after the current is applied, the blemish may disappear instantly, may blanch and in some cases the blemish may develop a temporary scab. A free consultation for medical and insurance purposes is required before blemish removal procedures.

    Fee: £55 for 15 minutes

    Removal of:

  • Excess facial hair - for all hair and skin types
  • Excess body hair - for all hair and skin types

    Fresh, sterile, disposable needles are used for this permanent method of hair removal. The needle delivers a short burst of current to each hair follicle to destroy their growth centre (electrolysis). A free consultation will decide a treatment plan.

    Fee: £30 for 30 minutes

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